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Town & Gown

In Touch with Today’s College Student

When Town & Gown awards a scholarship, we look to a student’s past triumphs as well as their future promise. Outstanding academic merit is a key qualification. A proven record of commitment to community is another. Many of our Scholars tell us that they are so proud to be recognized and “validated” for their efforts in these areas.

The third criteria – very high financial need – is something that is more difficult for our Scholars (or anyone!) to talk about. We thought that as a supporter of California's best and brightest, you might be surprised to know that 44 percent of University of California-wide undergraduates are experiencing some level of food insecurity. This is why Town & Gown scholarships are now so important.

Hunger and homelessness are enormous issues, and the University of California is tackling them on multiple levels, from campus to campus to across the globe. To learn more about California’s college students, and how the University of California is fighting hunger and homelessness, see The Global Food Initiative.

Your commitment to Town & Gown plays a key role in making a UC San Diego education possible for many young people. Thank you!

About Town & Gown

Founded in 2007, Town & Gown sponsors lively monthly luncheon programs addressing the most interesting issues of our times, featuring UC San Diego professors and researchers, as well as luminaries from other organizations.

Town & Gown lunches are held each month, October through May, on the UC San Diego campus. These programs are open to members of Town & Gown and their guests.

Our Founder, Lucy Haugh, passed in 2017. Learn more about this remarkable woman.

Supporting Students

Access to the intellectual capital at UC San Diego is increasingly out of reach for many promising young people who aspire to learn, grow and ultimately contribute.

Town & Gown members voluntarily support undergraduates by donating to student scholarships. The number of Town & Gown scholarships awarded annually has continued to increase as a result of our members' generosity. Learn more.

Our Unique Endowment Program

After establishing a named Town & Gown scholarship several years ago, founding member Elizabeth Taft recently fulfilled her $50,000 pledge to fund the Elizabeth and Joseph Taft Endowed Scholarship, and this year you’ll meet the first “Taft Scholar,” Ericca Speed, a Chemical Engineering major. Read more (PDF).

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