Supporting Students

Town & Gown members are changing lives

Town & Gown scholarships recognize and reward students with high academic achievement and strong records of community service, whose goals include continuing service. The students must also display financial need. These are one-year, one-time awards that may range from $2,000 to $5,000. Student applications are reviewed by the Town & Gown Scholarship Committee, and finalists are interviewed in person.

You may donate to two different types of scholarships:

Gifts to the Town & Gown Scholarship Fund (current-use scholarship) are pooled with donations from other members, and the funds are awarded in May for the following academic year. Based on the amount of funds raised, the Board decides whether to give a single award or more smaller ones.

Gifts to the Town & Gown Scholarship Endowment become part of the principal that is invested. When the principal reaches $50,000, the fund is fully endowed and a portion of the annual earnings will be used for scholarships each year. Because the principal is never touched, it is a perpetual legacy.

Start your perpetual legacy

Members may start to build a personalized Scholarship Endowment Fund with an initial minimum gift of $5,000. This may be done by an individual, a family, or a group. Gifts to such a scholarship are maintained as part of the principal of the Town & Gown Scholarship Endowment. When these gifts total $50,000, this amount will be transferred to a new Scholarship Endowment Fund that is named by the initiating donor.

Please contact Sue Martindale at  858-246-0316, or if you would like more information about Town & Gown scholarships.

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