Luncheon Dates & Speakers

Luncheon Lecture Series 2011 – 2012

Month Topic
October Molecules Up Close: Disease in Living Color, Roger Y. Tsien, Ph.D., 2008 Chemistry Nobel Prize Recipient; Professor of Pharmacology, Chemistry and Biochemistry
November Timely Lesson: One European Country’s Successful Transition from Authoritarian Regime to Democracy, Pamela Radcliff, Ph.D., Chair and Associate Professor of History
December Heart Surgery – Past, Present and Future, Dr. Stuart Jamieson, Chair and Distinguished Professor of Surgery; Chief, Division of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery
January Reflections on My Tenure as a Scientist and Chancellor, Marye Anne Fox, Ph.D., 2011 National Medal of Science Recipient; UC San Diego Chancellor 
February The Spanish Civil War Memory Project, Luis Martin-Cabrera, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Project Director, Department of Literature; and Lynda Corey Claassen, Director and Curator, Mandeville Special Collections Library
March Istanbul’s Profound Impact on Our World – Past and Present, Matthew T. Herbst, Ph.D., Director, Making of The Modern World Program; Professor of Humanities
April Sorting Through the Genome’s Junk, and Pleasant Surprises in Understanding Gene Expression, Tracy L. Johnson, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Molecular Biology
May The History of Innovation in San Diego, Mary Walshok, Ph.D., Associate Vice Chancellor for Public Programs; Dean, UC San Diego Extension; Professor of Sociology